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Crazier: Chapter 15: Extremely Nervous

 I woke up especially early on a Sunday morning. Today is not just any Sunday. It is the best Sunday ever! Rob asked me out on our first date a couple days ago. He planned to pick me up at noon today. It is seven o’clock in the morning and I am getting ready for our date. I am so nervous. I created a tornado of clothes, flying from left to right and up to down just to find the perfect outfit for this afternoon. I pulled on my ruffled, floral tank top with a pair of denim black shorts. My running shoes were perfect for this date. I did not want it to be over the top or under… the top.

I never braided my hair before but I decided to today. My straight brown locks of hair were now tied together in a side braid. It took me over an hour to get the perfect braid. I could not work with my hands. I am a klutz for all that matters. Ariel has a way with her fingers and hands. She practises braiding whenever she could, on short hair, long hair, and even guy’s hair. I called her to help me braid my hair but she yelled at me for calling her at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning.

I was lucky enough to have a dorm all to myself. My roommate transferred to a private school a couple months ago because her parents missed her too much. Katherine, my building’s dorm advisor, had warned me of a new roommate in the near future. I wonder who it is going to be. It is always a mystery as to who is new in a classroom or school. I want someone that is different from all the roommates I have ever had. I want someone who will cooperate. None of my previous roommates have actually talked to me. “Pass me the remote,” does not count as a conversation.

Sami had texted us about her super secret something. She wants to tell us in person but we are always too busy for each other. Joey suggested that we meet together for dinner at Perfect World, our main hang out spot. We all could not cook except for Maycee so we spend most of our meals eating there. Money well wasted. Perfect World is a healthy place for any meal of the day. They offer steaks and ribs but we order salads and vegetables. We all agreed on eating healthy, knowing we would eat at Perfect World almost everyday of the week.

It was now eleven forty- seven. I turned on the computer to check my e-mail messages. I get newsletters and subscriptions from the school because I like read a lot and get to know what is going on around the world and school. A new e-mail titled “New Roommate” from Katherine caught my attention the most out of the twenty- eight e-mails in total. I opened it up to find that I was getting a new roommate in two weeks. I was thrilled. Her name is Joanne. For all I know, she seems nice. It is her first time at this boarding school but I think she will love it here. I am to give her a tour of the campus and classrooms. I usually prepare weeks before because I forget about these things really quickly.

I swear it was seven o’clock two minutes ago! Time sure flies by really quickly! I grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder while placing my phone gently into my back pocket along with my wallet and keys. I was extremely nervous for my date but I’ll be fine as long as I have Rob with me.

<3 S

This is a really random chapter cuz I really don’t have any ideas. :P Hope I wasted your time. xP
Did ya notice the inside joke about Iris?(;


The End of the Beginning: That Girl Story

I wrote this story a LONG time ago. I tried to make it extremely vivid and descriptive. I no longer want to finish this story.

*Beep, beep, beep...*

I moved my short arm from under my cozy quilt my grandmother, Tori sewed for me, towards my tiny, yellow side desk with my neon green alarm clock sitting perfectly still on it through day and night. I slide open my sleepy eye lids and looked directly at my clock that is now in my hand, in front of my face. I took a quick peek at the clock and realized... it was now 8:03 AM. I was doomed.
Today is my first day of getting into high school. Not any other high school, my dream high school. A. Knight High School. Their mascot was the Knight, their academics were high, they had great text books, great teachers, the lockers were clean, and most importantly it was the high school of the arts. A place for my hobbies to expand into greater achievements. I wanted to live there for as long as I could. But I could not right at this instant because

I was late.

School starts at 9:15.
I need to shower, pick out my first day outfit, get cleaned, and look fresh... after all, I am a freshman.
You think that it would be easy... not for me!

People call me Sofie. My full name is Irene Sofia Hemingsworth. I am a fifteen year old girl that has just graduated out of elementary school. I am five foot three, with brown eyes and long brown hair that reaches just a little past my shoulders. I am a straight A student, my favourite hobbies include horse back riding, swimming, sewing, track and field, volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, music, and animals under the sea.

I was originally enrolled into Lake Oshiway High School of the academics but I did not enjoy my time there for I was not into studying and academics even though my parents wish for me to become a lawyer. My dream is to be a marine biologist, in a famous band, or a sports athlete. I have many dreams and careers paths because I know I am not going to accomplish them all so I made three different goals. Luckily at A. Knight High School, they have courses for all three of my goals! They have marine biology clubs, music clubs, and sports clubs too. I can take a crack at all of them!

I quickly rushed out of my white sheets with pink polka dots. Fortunately, my bedroom includes my own bathroom so I do not have to wait for anyone. I took a quick shower with watermelon shampoo and Shea butter body wash. I got out of my bathroom in my towel only and got dressed in my favourite outfit: a pair of light washed jean shorts with a floral tank top, along with my black and white running shoes. I ran as fast as I could down the stairs and grabbed a piece of toast with my mouth and a nutrition bar in my left hand while my right hand was reaching for my lunch. I am quite an acrobat!

My mother, Lindy Livington was honking the horn in her 5 year old sliver convertible. I always tell her to get a new car but she told me it has sentimental value in it but I would just scoff and ignore whatever she said. She is not my birth mother, she is my soon- to- be step-mother. My biological mother is Kristy Kenton. My father and mother had divorced for over 7 years, they never talked since. They never told me what happened and they never will. I visit my birth mother every three months in Toronto, I live in Kingston with my father, Ben, step-mother, Lindy, and step brother, Dan.

I ate my breakfast in the car while brushing my damp hair with my fragile fingers as Lindy drove me to school. I was thinking about the classrooms, new friends, and all the wonders in front of me when I get to A. Knight High School. I finished my toast, put my keys, notebooks, and lunch into my black knapsack. That was all I needed, the guidance counselor said everything was going to be ready for me. As long as I was ready for them.
"Okay. Spill. Now." Maycee yelled.
"Spill? I'm not holding any liquid. Even if I did, why would I spill it? It would get all over your carpet!" I exclaimed.
"No. You idiot!" Sami giggled.
"Spill the details about Rob!" Ariel smiled cheerfully.
"What kind of a drink is called "Details" and why is the drink about Rob?" I joked, "you guys drink strange liquids."

Ariel, Maycee, Joey, and Sami gave me the pissed off look. I knew it was time to give up but why so easily? They were no fun.

"Well..." Joey scolded.
"So he asked me all nervous and stuff and he was blushing alot and I think I was too and I really like him and I think he really likes me too and I was really nervous as well and I like pineapples they are hairy everyone says they are spiky but I don't care because basically Rob is like my pineapple I don't care what anyone says about him I like him for him does that make sense or no?" I stammered. I wonder how I was able to speak without taking breaks for a breath of O2. Everyone gave me a crazed facial expression as if I had a butt on my face. I hope they are okay. I tried to see if they were alright, "hi."

"Oh. My. Gosh!!!" They expressed over each other. I was toppled with questions flying across the room. I love my friends they are so wonderful but sometimes they get out of hand.
"Control your mouthes, ladies!" I smirked, "save them for something else. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Haha."
"You know..."
"No, I don't know unless you tell me, Ariel."
"Just let me finish!"
"You know, saying 'wink, wink, nudge, nudge,' doesn't really give the effect of a wink or a nudge because you're saying it. Actions speak louder than words."

Everyone stared her down. Ariel was the quiet one of our group of friends. She would always smart talk us about the simplest things.

"Hi!" Joey sang to break the awkward silence.
"Hey there," Cecillia added.

That was a great way to end the day. We had a sleepover at Maycee's dorm. We got in trouble several times that night for laughing during the night. We didn't stay up or anything... We just talked until 4:00AM about boys. It turns out, somebody in the group other than Joey and I have a guy. We gushed over it all night. This day was wonderful. That was a nostalgia for our middle school days. It felt like the eighth grade all over again.


I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.


<3 S.


Ms. Cloudster: Chapter 1: Tingled My Spine


   I looked outside the window at the bright, white clouds. The sun was still shining as bright as ever. I am travelling to the snowiest place on Earth, Lany Hills. Why? It is because I love winter and I love to write novels. As the plane crossed another bumpy air wave, I turned my head towards my paper and started to write my fourth novel. I do not know the title of my novel yet because I would like to finish it before naming it. 

   Since you will be travelling along with me on this hectic ride in the quiet first class section of my home town's airline: Castaway Shores Airlines to Lany Hills; I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Valerie Bridgit Cloudster. I am a famous writer in Castaway Shores. My first novel, Crazier, which earned the Honour Berry Award for most romantic novel in 2006, I have written three more romance novels ever since. I am currently working on my fourth. 
    I would describe myself as a boring person because I love to read. My favourite thing in the world besides writing is reading! I consider every book a good book. If it wasn't for my best friend since pre-school, Stellar Kimm Esterisk, I would not have been a big time author in Castaway S. She was my inspiration for Crazier.

    I plan to visit my grandmother, Isabelle Cloudster in Lany Hills. She doesn't approve of anyone calling her grandmother. That is certainly why everyone addresses her as Belle. She's pretty awesome for a sixty- two year old. I must get that from her... the awesome part.

    The other reason I am visiting Lany Hills is to write my novel and get away from the trainwreck back at home: my personal life. Behind those sunshine smiles and adorable dresses I wear, is the sorrow in my eyes and depression behind my smile. 

    I recently broken up with my ex boy friend, Clayton Bennett Jice.  He was basically my best friend. I regret when Stellar had told me to run as fast as I could. Clayton is a big time player. He has already gotten a new girl friend and we have just broken up four days ago. I should have known.
    Other than the fact that my heart has been eaten up, my sister, Victoria Karen, hates me until the day I die of success. Or atleast that is what Stellar tells me. Victoria is jealous of the amount of success I have earned over the past four years. No one shows much appreciation for what Victoria does because she puts her nothing into everything and expects to win a Noble prize for doing so. I have completely lost hope in her because of her lack of inspiration. Inspiration to me is everything. Without it, I would not have gotten to where I am today nor to the person I am today. 


   "We have arrived at Lany Hills. Thank you for flying Castaway Shores Airlines. Please enjoy your stay!" The announcer muffled her way through to the end of the sentence. I can tell she did not enjoy this flight because of the bumpy airlines between Castaway S. to Lany Hills. Enough of the hatred towards Lany Hills, we have finally arrived! It is time to meet up with my grandmother -- I mean, Belle. 

    I promised myself I would not get close to another man here in Lany Hills.

"Oof. Sorry about that!"  I bumped into a very tall man.

"Actually, it was my fault, I wasn't looking at where I was walking."  
He responded.

"No, it was mine. I was deep into my thoughts." I laughed as he lended me a helping hand to get up off the floor.

"I insist, it was my fault."

"Well... if you say so. I'll be needing a check for my injuries, sir."  
I joked.

"Haha, you're funny. By the way, it's George Lancaster, not sir. And you, miss?"

"Valerie Cloudster."

"That's a cool name, Cloudster."

"I've heard that many times before and thank you, Lancaster. "

"Well, I got to go. It was nice meeting you, Cloudster."

"You too, Lancaster."  
There was something about this man that tingled my spine.

"I hope to see you again."

"Me too... me too."  I whispered as he walked away slowly as my eyes trailed his footsteps and my lips mouthed each step he took. 1, 2, 3...



I kinda made a little inside joke with myself for the characters Valerie and George. HEHE. 1,  2, 3...
You figure it out. (;

Like my new story? :D 




Journal Entry #1: O4/17/11


I wrote a new freakin' story and once I press backspace to edit it... it's gone.





</3 NO LOVE,


Crazier: Chapter 13: Silence

 After flipping through the same pages for over the past seven months. I realized that people actually want to read what happens next. I think I would like to know what happens next too! 


I swallowed hard and closed my eyes as tight as I ever could.



I was too afraid to open my eyes but something made me. I opened my eyes to the taste of rainbows and sunshines. In front of my face was Rob. He squeezed me ever so tightly and his aroma filled my nostrils. I did not know what I was supposed to do. I was at a lost of words and actions. What was I doing with my arms?They were reaching around Rob's waist. Of course, I was not the tall one in this grasp.

I could hear the cheering and applause behind me. I turned my head around, not hard enough to break the feeling but enough so that I could see my friends.

They were there. Watching the whole time. I blushed with ease and turned around at the speed of light. I embraced him with all my might. I could not help myself. Burying my face in Rob's chest, I smiled.

A smile in a thousand years, they say.


I hope this gives me hope to write more. I have been reading other stories to get some ideas and inspiration to read and write more. How does the new style work? ;D I like it too.

<3 S

I have found my Rob.(:


 Im so stupid to think that I could write everyday... :P

I kinda gave up after I accidentally deleted a whole story when editing. And I couldnt retrieve it. 

Let's Play Pretend: Teaser


  When I was seven I would always rush to my enormous room, lock the tiny door as tight as my cold, pale hands ever could. I would slowly dig through my personal closet and take all my peasant dolls out of the packed closet and play on the patterned carpets with them all day until someone curious would notice I left to play by myself in my colourful chamber. It was not like a dark prison for me; more like a magical wonderland, much better than what I have now. Whenever I am in my own peaceful world, I feel like a normal human being, like all the other peasants. I am prohibited from ever leaving my home, father would be furious because I am his one and only, beloved child. Although I was an orphan, left alone on the streets to be picked on, my father, Joesph- Henry Canton took me under his arm and crowned me as his daughter. My name is Taylor but everyone in the beautiful kingdom, Sotayl addresses me as princess Sofie Taylor Canton.

Thanks for reading this small teaser. I'll write another teaser but it will be longer! I hope you enjoy it! I WILL continue Crazier. I won't just stop there but I just needed a little inspiration to get things going. Thanks for waiting weeks and weeks for something to come out.

"It's like a novel except you can't turn the page!"

Love, love, love,

Craizer : Chapter 12 : Blurt Out

 He scratched his head and stared into my dark brown eyes. After we ran off and went and found a place to settle down and talk. The safest place, probably Rob's room because his roommate is staying at his parents for the weekend. I didn't know what to say or how to start. I just kept staring and wandering my eyes off his eyes to his lips. What is my problem? I can't keep my mind off him. I can't stop thinking of him. I just want him so much to ever realize that he doesn't like me. Twenty minutes have passed, what was up with us? We just stare at each other for hours and know what we're saying through our eyes. And then, he said it. The three words that made my heart sink. 

"I am sorry, " Rob frantically blurted out. "For what?" I was confused.


I didn't know what to say. Or think for that matter. I wanted to yell at him. He was holding it all back. He ripped our part of the chapter.
"What do you mean?"

"I-I'm sorry. I lied. I don't know what I was thinking," he was lost, "pretending to like Ariel. I don't like her. I'm sorry I made you think so. I was just scared and I needed an excuse. I panicked."

"An excuse for what? Just say it. Stop holding it in."

"I... I love you. THERE! I said it."

He closed his eyes hopefully to open up to something wonderful. Too bad it was me. I was flushed with joy and my pale pink cheeks quickly turned red. I looked away when we opened his eyes again. I didn't know what to say. 

"Why're you so red?" He examined my features on my face.

"I um- you know... need. Hey, is it hot in here?"

"Now you're holding it in. What is it? You hate me now, don't you. I knew it."

I just stopped and froze there. I didn't know what to say or do next. I took in a deep breath of his scent. I closed my eyes and let the story continue because...

it was my turn.

The moment, I can see it.

By San.

P.S I'm sorry. I have a life and I'm a very lazy person. People remind me but I didn't think of writing as my first priority. Next time, I'll try to be on time. ): SORRIES.


Crazier : Chapter 11 : Crying

"Hmmm... Alice, long time no see...," Ashley smirked.

My heart pounded simultaneously, every time she gave me that stupid smirk my heart would pound through my chest. I didn't want her in my life. I didn't want her to change one bit of it. I didn't want her to be here, at all.  So the deal was that she'd play with my friends and I or she'd leave us alone and play with someone else. My friends mean too much to me for them to ever leave my sight, my soul or my heart. They never leave my mind and I don't me to leave their minds.

I needed a sign. Something to help me get through this phase. Something, anything! There it was. An idea. Not just any normal idea, this one had to fall through. No one was in it but me. So hopefully no one interrupts or ruins it. This idea... was perfect.

"Alice," I asked clueless, "Who's Alice?

Just behind my ear, I hear a whisper of Kyle's voice. "But you're Ali-"

I pushed my elbow into his stomache and whispered through my teeth to Kyle, "La la la, play along! And when did you come here?"

"Awhile ago. Ms.Clueless," he laughed as he put his arm around Ariel's shoulders. She just gave him an annoyed look and moved over to the left, away from him.

"Aren't you Alice?" Ashley asked with a big stupid look on her face.

My plan worked, stupid Kyle almost blew it. Who was this kid anyways? Oh right. He's a friend of mine. I'm so stupid, not about forgetting but for having to meet him and have him blow the plan out. My heart started to beat normally, I was calming down. Let's make this plan fall through the way it was supposed to be all these... minutes.

"Uhh... no? Who are you?" I snickered.

"I'm Ashley. New here. Sorry! I thought you were... um.. someone else... sorry!"


"Uhh... awkward... I'm going to go now. Bye!"

Then it questioned me... was this going to be the last of her? Will Ashley ever return and once again try and recognize me? It ran through my mind almost as much as how many times I asked where's my keys. I always forget my keys. I hate that about me. I took in a deep breath of relief. Turning around, I faced my friends who all questioned me. Questions got threw in seven different directions. I got confused and just ignored them. But this one question seemed to worry me and catch my attention the most.

"Alice! I still need to talk to you," Robert whispered.

I felt like crying. But I couldn't explain why.

I'm basically telling you my whole heart.

By Sand.(:

P.S. DUN DUN DUNNNN. You predict what happens. Or you can wait til fate decides... wait that's me! (: Ignore my horrid joke. D: ANDAND. Sorries a bunch for the loooong wait. I shoulda warned about a hiatus. Juggling family time, chores and school can be challenging. I apologize for my ignorance. ):